Aircraft Acquisitions

Client Reviews

"I have Deborah Bew to thank for my two good feet. If she had not held out and made me wait for the deal that was right for me, I would have shot myself in the foot more than 20 times! Of course it would have been easier for her to go along with the deal I was happy with in the beginning, but she refused to let me do something she knew would have been disastrous for me and my company."

Kevin Mahaney
President and CEO, Olympia Equity
Portland, Maine

"In 1992 I made a simple phone call about one particular plane. The next morning Deborah showed up, and to this day we continue to turn to AAI for support with our flight operations. They have assisted us not only with numerous acquisitions, but also with other services such as divestiture, upgrades, refurbishment, maintenance, and tax and regulatory insight."

Keith Mosing
CEO, Frank's International
Houston, Texas

"I used to trade airplanes at least every 18 months - until Deborah persuaded me that it actually cost us money to trade aircraft so often, and that if we just better matched the equipment to our needs, we could expect to keep the airplane for at least three years. Well, we've now had our current jet for six years and have been tremendously happy!"

David Griffin
President, Griffin Ag
Helena, Arkansas

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