Aircraft Acquisitions

Preflight Redefined

As you know, when pilots prepare for a flight, they go through a series of detailed inspections and checks on their aircraft. This indispensable part of flying is known as a PreFlight Inspection, or more simply PreFlight.

At Aircraft Acquisitions we manage
the process leading up to the purchase and
ownership of a business aircraft with the same rigor
as a top-rate pilot at PreFlight. Unlike other aircraft acquisition
facilitators, we are equipped, savvy and thorough when it comes to
the countless steps it takes for the successful purchase of an aircraft:
We perform your Preflight - Redefined - by not only negotiating the most
advantageous deal, but also planning for the IRS and FAA impact on your ownership
structure. The result is that our clients end up time and again with just the aircraft to match
their precise budget and needs.

PreFlight Redefined is how we strategize your purchase so that every flight you then take enjoys the
preparation and full confidence it deserves, and all you need to do is sit back and relax. Really - check us out!


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